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That’s does hint mick at a counter attacking style which results in said team having to soak up pressure and cough up the lions share of possession.

I’d much rather we stayed resolute and actually tried to score. If Cox opts for last seasons bullshit, I expect him to be sacked pretty sharpish.

Don’t think the sacking game is part of the plan nowadays WG. If you throw a lot of money at something and things ( due mainly to the chairman’s ego IMO ) don’t go your way as fast as you like, then the sack comes. When you have the lowest budget in the league and are looking just to tick over on reduced gates to just about break even, then sacking managers, paying up contracts and spending money you don’t want to on a replacement staff is low on the priorities list. Unless we are rock bottom and adrift by Xmas things won’t change and even then the chairman has the ground in his pocket now, he won’t rush to spend anymore then he has too. Don’t forget, fans are not a priority in the world of the redevelopment business. If we are shit, tough, that’s how it’s going to stay.

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