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Cases are rising.

Deaths have flatlined.
also check.

Vituses mutate…thry aften become more transmissable but les lethal.
It’s not in a virus’ interest to kill it’s host, it can’t live outside the host.

But hey, keep being scared.

Someone should have told Spanish flu, smallpox, measles and many other viruses that before they killed millions.

Of course it’s evolutionary advantageous for viruses not to kill hosts, but they can’t exactly decide on the matter being not very sentient at all. Some viruses do kill and have done, as has covid-19.

Mutations can lead to vaccine ineffectiveness. Over time they probably will be less potent, but that doesn’t mean every new mutation is going to be weak enough as to not cause what we saw earlier I the year.

Also, care to venture why deaths have flatlined? For some reason a vaccine aimed at a coronavirus pandemic has drastically reduced excess deaths when covid ‘sceptics’ were telling us these deaths had nothing to do with covid, but were linked to an epidemic of suicides, flu, trees falling on heads and God knows what else. That’s one mighty reduction in deaths from non-covid causes at the same time a vaccine specifically for covid was widely taken up.

Oh, and don’t forget that the real worry was this vaccine according to the ‘sceptics.’