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I’m not expecting to be kept in the loop about every chase of players which have fell through or a back catalogue of players we’re currently looking at but something would be nice.

As you said les, a mere club statement would be nice. It does feel like we’re being punished. To not even see anything about any players we’re chasing is very odd.

Honestly not experienced anything like this before. It’s almost like Swann is saying “look this is my club and I’ll decide when it’s right to tell you anything and not before”
Are we seen

Are we seen as an annoyance that he can’t really be arsed with anymore ?

I must admit, it feels like it. I remember going to my first home game in 2000 and the way he’s been now is making me dislike the club.

I love this club but at the same time I’m being turned off. I admit that I don’t have the same feeling anymore about my hometown club.

Sad really because It’s all I’ve ever really known !

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