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I criticised Southgate for being too cautious. To be fair, this was just after the Scotland game and our nations league games were poor. However, he has proven me wrong so far.

I am glad, because he’s the most likeable coach we have had in years. The team spirit and support for the team is great. People debated the merits of knee taking in the face of some booing. However, I think by refusing to give in he showed strength and the players will respect that. He is the perfect talisman for this England side which I find easy to love. Players from assorted clubs, not picking based on perceived merit, but his own experiences. Willing to stand up for his squad and humility. A belief we can do it. The Germans were praising us for efficiency and playing like them after defeating them. This is the best England team we have had in years and I think the coaching has some role in that.

They represent the best of England and we have a manager who is humble, likeable and seems to have a genuine rapport with all his players. The togetherness is something I haven’t seen in England for years. No-one is a favourite, everyone has a role to play. They have a unity being created from above. Refreshing in these times when leaders prefer to divide and go into culture wars to inflame the nation.

I don’t care what anyone says, reaching two semi finals in major tournaments consecutively cannot be just good fortune. France and Belgium with their superstars couldn’t manage it.

Thank goodness we got rid of Big Sam. This wouldn’t have happened under him, in my opinion.