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Swann’s an absolute prat. Swann has his say on EVERYTHING to the press and now an ex player has come out and told an account of what happened last season “everything should be kept in house”

Never ceases to amaze me does old Swannster.

All karacan stated was what we all thought was going on anyway. Hardly a shock hearing him say it.

Anybody hoping and wishing he’s going to change are going to be waiting a hell of a long time.

Let’s have it right. Karacan dared to tell the truth to all at the club while he was here and the players in question along with those at the top clearly didn’t like it.

If Karacan fitted in and was respected he would have been offered a good contract, you would have thought that he would have been imperative.

I suspect Swannster didn’t like the fact he was outspoken.

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