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Bradford have increased season ticket prices by 33% for 20/21 season, rather leading fan survey, led to it asking how much fans think would be fair, most chose the £150 to £199 bracket and heho season tickets priced at £198, probably not not most fans wanted and probably expected the club to play fair, ” suckers”. Ok so adult tickets are dearer at scunny but most others are way more expensiv at Bradford, they say they have gone the modern way and altered age ranges, our under 18s £60 their under 16s £124, children up to 12 £30 while we provide 2tickets free for under 12s. All in all a very clever exercise and they do point out it is what the fans wanted “really”. At least our club survey only stitched us up on the shirt vote. So let us all be very careful when doing these club surveys. Perhaps NI could ask his mate for a more informed update on their survey.