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I think it’s time. I’ve tried to stay positive with Cox. Wanted us to get through a season with a manager because the constant changing was getting us nowhere but he just isn’t up to it.

We’ve got some (not enough) good players and we’ve got some decent young players we should be getting more out of them than we are.

He was dealt a shit hand and injuries made it worse but he just doesn’t change. He defends his defensive rubbish saying we don’t want to get hammered but we’ve conceded 4 (up to now) tonight and haven’t scored for 4 games.

Morecambe are 5th and they are no better than us defensively. They’ve made mistakes and given us chances. What do they do about it? Attack. They’re not great at defending so they do as little of it as possible.

He hasn’t got it in him and we are only going in one direction with him in charge I’m afraid.

I don’t know what options will be out there but Cox is not a manager.

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