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The difference is Derby and Ipswich could sustain a decent Championship team with 20k plus gates or even a tier 3 Premiership side with 30k plus turning up. We would get 5k in the Championship and 7k in the Premiership. Even those gates would need to sell out the away end to achieve.

Anyone with funds wanting to own a genuine lower league side I am sure could probably pick one up for free just now. I suspect you know who is bored playing football manager and is hanging on until he has sold his block of flats with football pitch attached. (Football pitch optional)

Hull can’t sell – they don’t have a ground.

Pay attention at the back, Ipswich Town don’t own their stadium, then again neither do the likes of Manchester City, Newcastle United and others. Rumour has it a consortium is interested in buying Hull City, although I heard that one eighty four months ago!