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Several things come to mind.
First off, Swann isn’t going to re-engage with fans any time soon, because that would mean admitting he’s wrong…and the idiot still thinks he’s right.
Unfortunately his club, his rules. Only time will tell if he is wrong, but the signs aren’t good🙁

Secondly mention of match day experience always makes me sigh.
We were having this conversation quite some time ago, and quite a few on here tried hard to highlight the negatives, from stanchions to catering, from toilets to bars, from stewarding to closure of certain areas, from car parking to leaving the ground.
Sadly that conversation was railroaded by a vociferous few who could not accept that the match day experience either could, or should, be better.
Those who then used pie-gate to try and sideline others’ views ought now to, if not apologise, at least admit they were wrong…and have played 100% into the chairman’s hands.

Thirdly, the media-led Pandemic.
Rightly, or wrongly, people’s behaviour has changed. The rules have changed. Normal no longer exists, and situations, rules, even laws change in the blink of an eye.
Will supporters come back to sit 2m from the next guy, wearing a mask? I, for one, will not. Part of going to games was the interaction between supporters and even opposing supporters.
That’s not coming back any time soon.
And what of over-the-top stewarding? Can we really see it being any better with covid regulations to enforce too? Nope, not for me…and I strongly suspect I won’t be the only one.
Add in those still petrified, and crowd numbers are going to take a hit.

And what does our erstwhile astute businessman do?
Alienates long time supporters live on the radio🙄🙄🙄

You could not make this stuff up.
It’s like comedy, but scarey because it’s our club going down the wrong route…and nowt we can do.

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