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The real problem is that Sarfend showed us that gorgeous, old-time fourth division football.
They were only interested in closing us down and giving us no room to move – which they did very well. They stopped the prospect of any footballing skills being able to be used. Their one mindset was to be destructive.
Sadly we did not seem capable of coping with a side whose tactics were that negative and so, whenever we won possession, out came the big hoof upfield.
I truly hope that they do not gain another point this season.
Let us have them out of the league! – Bye bye. Good riddance.
Urgh. Nasty!

lesgeo—–I cannot agree my friend, you say that Southend stopped us playing football and hoofed the ball upfield throughout, that was exactly what we were doing ourselves, and if Southend are so good at stopping teams playing, why are they sitting at the bottom of the League???

The game was a terrible match, and in my opinion Southend put more effort into it than we did, the truth is that both teams are bloody crap.

Just look at the stats, Scunthorpe had ONE SHOT ON TARGET.
sOUTHEND HAD two shots on target.

So the combined total shots on target was THREE.
The total combined corners in the game was THREE.

Does that not tell its own storey, and Cox said before the game “THAT WE WILL ATTACK THEM”, maybe he was making reference to Clarks stupidity and not the football side of things, I am sorry to say, but if Cox stays next season, supporters will just stay away, we want entertaining , and to enjoy attending.

I can say for sure that if I had been at GP yesterday, I would have left by 70 mins at most, ptobably along with a few others.

You’ve misread Les’s post, BS.
He said whenever WE gained possession out came the by if hoof upfield.
Not Southend.
They just closed us down for the point they got.