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Go on then alcy, no doubting it was a terrible game but Cox has been crucified by some over games this season for chopping and changing his side, sometimes 5 players at a time. Today he left things alone apart from one change, then after the game he said the team looked leggy and he blamed the Saturday/ Tuesday scenario finally catching up with the side. He also said he didn’t make wholesale changes prior to ko as he thought the team from Tuesday could still give him more. So, has he made a mistake by not making changes?, or if he had made changes yet the outcome had been similar would he have been criticised for making wholesale changes? I know it’s catch 22 stuff but it’s a case of damned if he does or damned if he doesn’t. The main thing is, whether the game was shite or not, it’s another point for consolidation, with Barrow, Grimsby and obviously Southend drawing we are still in a very good position compared to teams below us with one game less to play. Now we have seen the performance and the result is in ( hindsight ) what would the experts on this forum think Cox should have done team wise prior to kick off without hindsight? Not easy is it when people nail you whatever course you take team wise be it no change or too many changes. At least Cox admitted it was poor stuff and didn’t try and hide but what would the forum experts have done prior to ko team wise? Can’t wait for the expert views to come in.

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