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Although the wage cap is lifted, the chairman made it clear in the summer that the spend spend era was over. Now most of our better players are out of contract in the summer and the VanVeen’s, MaGahey’s, Gilleads, Eisa’s etc were signed on two and two and a half year deals when the spend mindset was still in place. There are recurring injuries to consider as mentioned by les but I believe and have stated elsewhere that next season will see more young inexperienced players brought in and Cox told to get on and sort it. Agree that Clarke and Brown will go but to have very few experienced players would be disastrous IMO, young players are fully of energy and enthusiasm but a few bad games and a few knocks then heads will drop. Old guns can handle all that and keep going and more importantly will encourage the younger lads with words and deeds. Swann will know all this but whether he relents on higher wages for some older heads remains to be seen. I guess it’s the great unknown at the moment but I fear the worse.