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Who wants to stay?

That one will be the key and I worry the answer will be not many.

Even if we are offering to over pay which we won’t (and shouldn’t)

Gillead walks into a league one squad with ease.

McGaheys injury history may hurt him but I would imagine he will think he can do better.

Eisa is going

Karacan I would expect to do better than league 2 with what we’ve seen. Certainly a higher end league 2 club will be interested and probably several with more appealing locations.

We’re not totally screwed Rowe, Taft, Onarise, O’Malley, Beestin, Spence and Loft is a good start.

But we need to have learned from this seasons awful close season attempt that trying to go too cheap leaves you with too many of those shit players who aren’t going to make an impact and lead to you still having to sign more to cover the mistakes.

If we keep Howard great if not sign a keeper and learn from what you tried to do last year.

And desperately try to ship some dead wood.