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. A point away at Salford is a great result by any means.

A couple of seasons back it wouldn’t have been. Which shows how much work there still is to do to get us back to where we were when Alexander left.

In January I was questioning whether or not Cox was the man to do it, but I’m glad Swann stuck with him. Comments above re: Spence coming in and having a blinder enabling Karacan and Beestin to rest up for Tuesday whilst Gilliead still does a job game in, game out. The fact that we are losing one CB a game yet looking a lot better defensively and also have good cover in both FB positions. All this points to Cox beginning to get the team he wants playing the way he wants.

The problem area is still up front. Much of this is down to that bizarre recruitment last summer. We’ve still four forwards floating around in the ether with barely two games to their name.

Cautiously optimistic that Cox & Co. can build on this and get us challenging next season.

BTW Classic bit of Old School homophobia from BS there.