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Ferrite football was a lot better before the Premier League and more even, it was the bigger clubs wanting to keep all their home receipts that started the divide and United where one of the biggest instigators of that

Well, we’ve found some common ground at last, I completely agree!

so you can’t blame City and others for trying to keep up, and regarding human rights I have never seen anything that their owners have anything to do with that

You can’t have looked very hard.
City’s sponsorship by Etihad apparently paid for by the Abu Dhabi government:
And as for their attitude to human rights? Amnesty International have this to say the UAE as a whole:
“The authorities, particularly the State Security Agency (SSA), subjected detainees, including foreign nationals, to arbitrary arrest and detention, torture and enforced disappearance. The authorities also restricted freedom of expression, imprisoning government critics and holding them in dire conditions.”

There’s also this:

you seem to have a vendetta about City and seem to think everyone should share the same view, I don’t like United but accept others do so it’s a matter of opinion.

Mick, I’ll say it again: I don’t give two hoots about City as a club. I care about dodgy owners, owners who undermine the viability of our game, owners who use clubs to launder their reputations, owners who are spending ill-gotten gains.

I’m using City as the main example because they are currently the richest & best club in the country. I’d have probably focussed on Chelsea in the past. If the Saudis had bought Man United then I’d have focussed on them.

You can understand that this has nothing to do with petty club rivalries, can’t you? I’m a Scunthorpe fan, I’m not a supporter of any other club!