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So if it had have been Man United or Liverpool who had unlimited wealth you would be saying the same thing, or not.

Of course I would. It is possible to have an opinion about football without caring about one specific club. I dislike ALL of the big clubs, I find it hillarious when any of them lose. I think they’re slowly destroying the game and they don’t given even a quarter of a damn about any of us.

ey it’s all about opinions and in my opinion Man City are a sensational side to watch, I absolutely love watching them play, as for 16 consecutive wins, cracking attacking play, massive goal difference and points clear at the top of our football pyramid with a game in hand on most of their challengers, well that speaks volumes to me about how good and IMO how entertaining they are.

You’re right, they really should be enjoyable to watch and I must admit that what I saw of them against Spurs yesterday had some real flashes. But there’s something about City which I just find cold, emotionless, almost robotic. Maybe it’s because they’re so good, particularly at present, that they’re almost completely flawless and that’s just weird! Maybe it’s because their style of play is so well drilled, so machine-like, that there almost doesn’t seem to be room for any free spirits in the side. But that’s just personal prejudice!