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Well, a few things there Mick. One, look into where the money of Man City’s owners comes from. Why are they spending it on City? Could/should they be spending it at home? How would you feel if your government was spending billions on a football club in a different country just to bolster its reputation?

Secondly, every pound that Abu Dhabi spend at City forces prices up. Their pockets are essentially bottomless, so if they want to out-bid any other club for a player, they can do. You might think that selling clubs make more money and that’s a good thing but ultimately it just means it becomes like an arms race, with everyone having to spend more money to keep up. Especially when you consider that wages account for far more spending than transfer fees these days.

Thirdly, how many more clubs do we have to see go to the wall or get into unmanageable debt before we question the way football is run in this country? How many times have the PFA had to step in and pay players’ wages? Even big, storied clubs like Sheffield Wednesday & Derby are in deep financial trouble. These aren’t like Rushden or Macclesfield, who maybe rose too far, these are clubs which would normally get 30,000 fans at home and they still can’t make things work. Surely that means the system is broken?