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Don’t agree that watching online makes you less of a supporter. Especially when it’s either that or don’t watch at all? That makes no sense.

Before all this shit I would attend home games and watch away on online. That way I got to watch all the games. Meaning I’m ruining football for those who chose to only attend the home games or those who chose to listen on the radio? I don’t have the time or the inclination to travel all over the country.

The issue now is as others have said. When we used to lose then Saturday night was spent annoyed/angry.

Now? I expect us to lose and find it hard to care since no one at the club appears to, so why should I?

I said before the shit we’ve been served for the last several years has destroyed my love of football outside of Scunthorpe. And it’s slowly killing that as well.

What am I supposed to be supporting?