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Ah yes, those halcyon days of Dickie Rooks managing the team to glory.
I sigh with a profound nostalgia.

Rather more seriously, Norris, Sproates and Charnley could not have made it into our present team. The late Alan Sproates was a decent Division 4 player for Darlington but had precious little to offer us at the end of his career.
Simpkin was a has-been and Collier was a slow-moving, slow-thinking plodder who could pleasantly surprise you every now and again.

I could not see any one of these being considered fit to replace any current first team player in our present setup. The big question would have been how many could have made it onto the bench?

The top end of our current squad are simply better. They may not be playing better; they may not be being played intelligently; they may not be played to their strengths but – generally superior.

A modern day Sproates to replace Spence? – No thanks.
Norris better than Howard? – Get real!
McGahey – our best CB to be replaced by Simpkin?
Collier to replace Beestin or Karacan? – No, ta!
Charnley to replace KVV or Olamola?- Hardly! – I would even take Loft ahead of that lad.
But, a Dud Roberts to replace Loft? – Ooh. Yes, please.