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Lol at the forum six…or some of ’em.

1. My “count” refers to Heath’ reckoning posters on here know of deaths. I personally know thirteen positives so far…. As I said, none ill for more than five days, no deaths, none hospitalised.

As for Deerey wanting my post removed: dispicable.
Isn’t that what the liberal left always do when they are frightened of something? Attempt to surpress it.

And excess deaths?

Last month they (ONS) announced that so far 2020 was marginally above average but below 2018.

So it all changed in December, then?
I think not.
Someone is lying to us one way or another…and the usual lefty liberal sheep just suck it up and regurgitate it.

Will I be getting vaccinated? Not unless PHYSICALLY forced.

Now let’s see who is really moronic and insensitive….
Cue Heath….

ONS stats are included in there, showing that this year is far worse than 2018. Can you show me where it says 2018 was worse than 2020? It clearly shows a higher death rate than then, but I guess ONS stats can be cherry picked to suit your argument, as I will get to below.

I have seen a report released in November 2020 showing that excess winter deaths between December and March 2020 was lower than 2018, but that was before the pandemic took hold. If you’re basing your opinion on this I suggest it is you who needs to have a rethink about it, not anyone else.

The ONS graph for excess deaths for the whole of 2020 is shown in here:

Now, call me silly, but there is a clearly higher peak in 2020 than any year since WWII, including 2018. I wonder how those who aren’t sheep can explain to us how a lower bar in 2018 is actually the larger value. After all, they’re the free thinking ones, apparently.

I’d say that refusing a vaccine and putting others at risk is more insensitive than anyone on here thinking less of you for not vaccinating. Lives matter more than your feelings.