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Bedeau is a bit of a poor man’s John Stones.

Very comfortable with the ball and lots of his defensive work is really good. But once or twice in a game he loses concentration and consequently loses the man he is looking after.

Unfortunately centre back errors are more costly than for any of the other outfield players.

Typically centre backs are mid twenties before they play consinstantly well. In my view he has improved this season but only good enough when playing with an experienced partner.

Corner is not as good a prospect in my opinion althought we have not really seen him with an experienced partner alongside him.

Given Taft is left sided Cordner might get the nod to partner him until Onariase and/or McGahey are ready to return.

I would perservere with Bedeau myself. I believe there is a quality player in there even if we might have to wait a while to see it on a consistent basis.