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I disagree Awayswego.

Harrogate, and possibly Colchester aside, we have looked second best against every side we have faced this season.

I tend to have a browse on an opposition forum after a game and it’s pretty much universal across the boards we are the worst team most sides have faced.

My main hope for survival was that Southend were going to be a basket case And one out of The rest at least one team would be worse than use. However, we’ve deservedly lost against Stevenage, Mansfield, Southend and the Cods.

With Brown, Van Veen, Onarosie and Mcgahey I’d be confident we’d have enough, however it’s increasingly unlikely all 4 will feature again together. If we lose Clarke and a midfielder we are back to getting tonked 5-0 at home.

Cox hasn’t pulled up any trees but I won’t call him out until he has his own team. This is the doing of Swann and the transfer committee dealing with chancers such as Askgodders and other morons flogging us shite. It’s alright moaning about COVID but it was his decision to put a side of 30+ players together in a scatter gun, cluster fuck transfer policy.

Everyone knows it but if we go down we will not come back up. We do not have the fan base of a Luton, Tranmere, Oxford, Lincoln, and even a Stockport whom have sank to further depths.

We are in a relegation battle to protect 70 years of proud league football history in the town.

It’s about time some down at GP realised that.