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With the latest deal with Turkey, I believe that is now 62 new trade deals already agreed in 2020 – in a fair number of which, a pretty fair dollop would have either required EU blessing, mega adjustments or could not have happened at all.
£668bn trade with EU.
An ordinary deal by Boris, yes, but if you bothered to examine the 12 points of May’s Chequers plan in painful detail, this is hugely superior. Whoever drafted that May deal had made all 12 points look like a positive but 11 were almost totally impossible if you knew EU regs as well as a certain member of my family does.
This version has few serious drawbacks.
Hope that this is now the end for all the bickering. I want a New Year with people all pulling together to make the UK be the best it can be.
In future, I shan’t be making any political points on the football board. (Or any other for that matter.)
A Happy New Year to every single contributor to this board. And yes – you too!