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Up front, we have had ‘lumping the ball upfield to nobody’ – amazingly, that did not work.
We have had Jarvis making precious little impact.
We have had Loft gifting possession for fun.
We have had an injured KVV.
We have a MacAtee who is a shadow of last season’s player.

Not too much of that is down to Cox unless he had taught them to play ‘hit and hope long balls’ which I frankly doubt.
When the forwards don’t work – it has a knock on effect to both CM and wide players.
Naturally, balls into the opposition box reduce dramatically.

The main issue is that if the ball does not ‘stick’ up front – all else in your house of cards must inevitably collapse.

The McGahey absence – perhaps to be compounded with no Onariase (!!!) sends shudders down my spine.

In January, we need another CB and a CM general. Much as I respect both Spence and Beestin, I am now wondering if these two can work together. We can only know this with a functioning pair of forwards.
We really need to have two forwards capable of holding the ball up top – coz if we bring just one in – what happens when the inevitable injury occurs?

Personally, as a sticking plaster solution, I’d bring Green into the starting eleven for the moment.

The GK situation is becoming a worry but the chances of yet another keeper being brought in are zero.

So. We need four experienced in and probably a minimum of seven out. Chances?