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I know this isn’t great but I remember a few season back Hornshaw playing as a defensive midfielder against Notts County in a crappy cup game at home and got man of the match, he looked really good in there but never had a shot in there since.

Hornshaw and Pugh are at least options and should be used more. Especially when Beestin and Spence are running on empty during games.

Beestin is cream crackered. Gillead looks like he’s running fumes, he needs resting for a match for Green in my opinion.

I think Pugh looks a handy player with the bit’s I’ve seen and is capable, big lightweight but got decent energy and can at least accurately pass a ball.

Those two need resting.

I was contemplating whether Eisa needed a rest but I came to the swift conclusion that he properly needs a slap or a kick up the backside.

When Brown is back, I’d be tempted to stick O’Malley on the wing and leave Eisa out. Hippolyte doesn’t really even count as a player so he can bench warm.