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Whow very depressing there, little bit ott though from some,it’s us fans that are up for it, and we haven’t even cheered on half the team yet, other than telling the players it’s a local derby it would just seem like a normal game to them, we are playing in abnormal times and contrary to what NI says about other derbys this year the passion is just not there in them, just think if we had won the last 2 games against the worst 2 teams in the league ( and it wasn’t me who said they were)not let a last minute goal against Morecambe, put a proper formation out against Bolton we”d be in or very near the playoffs, everyone would agree that wouldn’t be right,but what we are is an inconsistent team some games good, some showing promise and some bloody awful dross, I’ve wrote this season off back in September and other than the buzz pre game today until I get back to watching next season I don’t really give a toss.