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Reality is we need to offload Olomola, Turan, Jarvis and release/flog Mooney…we need 3 new strikers.

Loft has reverted back to type. We have absolutely nothing going forward.

Going on today’s lack of performance, why didn’t Cox bring on Green and stick him up there with Loft?. I don’t know why he keeps sticking Jarvis up there.

Don’t even get me started why he chose Hippolyte over O’Malley…a shite LW at LB, instead of playing a really talented youngster who’s a natural player in that position.

Hippolyte’s another that needs moving on.

Eisa needs to get a grip as well, he’s been shocking of late.

I don’t think Cox is up to it long term either, we shall see. Cox signed Hippolyte stating he as a good player….not sure who he thought he was watching.

Come January we need 3 strikers, a LW, a CM and possibly another CB because it’s evident we really miss Mcgahey. Bedeau isn’t up to it and Cordner’s dog mess.

Worse performance today in a fair old while, putting it that performance is shocking in a supposed local derby. Grimsby were crap themselves.