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It’s the same old, same old. Everyone who voted Brexit is a racist and anyone who voted for the Tories is either a nasty, thieving b*stard or was brainwashed by the media. Pointless even attempting to have a sensible discussion, quite frankly.

As for the benefits of leaving the EU, if people can’t or refuse to see any of the benefits then they need to take the blinkers off and look a little harder. For instance, Ferrite, you’re hardly an example of a typical Brit given that you spend a great deal of time in Italy. In fact I believe you might even live there. To say you might therefore be biased would be something of an understatement.

Then we have the usual self-righteous nonsense from the likes of Gurnelista about racism despite never once getting a peep out of him about anti-Semitism. Why might that be, one wonders. It’s also interesting that you appear to have strong Spanish roots, Gurny. Absolutely nothing whatever wrong with that but it does suggest you might also have an element of bias in your opinions.

Regarding the economic disaster that leaving the EU is, apparently, about to cause our cat has more idea about economics than those on here making such claims. The EU needs the UK every bit as much, if not more than we need them. There might not be a deal but if there isn’t it will be down to them every bit as much as it will be to us; and I still wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is one. That is how the EU works.

I agree with your sentiments entirely, and it seems that the closer we get to Dec 31, the more the libtards increase the scaremongering.

I wouldn’t be surprised, come that fateful day, that both sides will agree to extending the so called ‘transition period.’ Thus giving them more time to chip away at what we want, and make more concessions to the EU…