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All blather and no explanation. People aren’t idiots because they don’t agree with your esteemed greatness, Bucks. Your argument could be won with examples, but you can’t give any, you only have bluster. The irony of you accusing others of blinkers as you trot out cliches which ignore reality is not beyond me. They need us much more than us them, which is why our economy has reduced the greatest in the past few years among the G7, I presume. You truly are incapable of seeing those who disagree with you as valid; you are just like Gurnelista.

In fact, can’t this thread be locked. It’s long since served its purpose and we don’t need Gurn trying to accuse others of being in some conspiratorial plot or Bucks pouring out his self-righteous indignation over people daring to disagree with his Cummings-esque mega-brain. It’s tedious.