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Indeed, that’s been my experience too, MK.

We now have an intervention from Wesley Finesword QC – a BAME barrister, Muslim, and one of Pepperills finest – as he takes the floor to address the court.

Ladies and gentlemen, here we are, on the precipice of the worst economic crisis in history, with 500 deaths per day, millions suffering through unemployment and debt, businesses closing forever, rising insecurity, poverty and concomitant illness, as Justles comes on IB in support of one of the vilest politicians and political parties ever to attempt entry into Westminster.

And, that may be all well and good in a social forum, as are your usual pre-occupations with nation, race and religion.

But, what is at issue, is that you solicited Bru-ers trust. You impressed upon the laymen of this locality your former positions as a magistrate and teacher, in order to emphasise your credibility.

Yet, is it not the truth that you set out to groom readers for personal gain? Long ago you failed to mention you had abandoned ideas about education, enlightenment and the church, in favour of the ignorance and hate spread by UKIP and the far-right, as the family jumped into bed with Nigel.

And there’s more. Time after time, we bore witness to some of the most crackpot propaganda ever seen on the Bru, which actually enjoined readers to ‘pass it on to everyone’. Evidence the following:

June 20, 2016 8.25 pm

“Please, please take ten minutes of your time to read this – and then send to everyone on your email list, and place it on Facebook – requesting others to do the same. I spent a very long time researching all of this! Lesgeo.”

Support Brexit because….

“Attempts to claim major job losses are baseless.”
“Firms leaving the UK after Brexit – evidence not given”
“WTO rules prevent them from isolating us”
“The EU is not called the Evil Empire for nothing”
“Europol’s powers are unlimited… greater than those of the Gestapo.”

Coming from a former magistrate and teacher, it must be true – is that not the case, ladies and gentlemen?

Alas it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just another self-published work of sub-standard fiction, perhaps even ghost-written by Jonnie.

Meanwhile, millions of women, men and their families, like those on Bru, were trying to do the right thing – working hard and bringing up their kids up to tell the truth, even tho’ they see many powerful individuals lying and getting away with it, time and time again. We put our kids through university hoping they get a decent job, only to find they’re saddled with thousands of pounds of debt, can’t afford the basics like a house or pension, while being condemned to a life of insecurity in the gig economy, one now blighted by the catastrophic consequences of Brexit. And if they are foreign of accent, face or race, the disadvantage is multiplied, due in no small part to the rise of the far right and the public face of Farage and his party acolytes.

Ladies and gentlemen, as the world struggles to unite against the common problems of racism, disease, economic and environmental collapse, UKIP will go down in history as one of the nastiest and most incompetent parties ever to flirt with power. Is there any wonder Jonathan dare not speak its name in his Twitter profile? These days he’s beyond ashamed, and rightly so.

So, to sum up, you and yours might not suffer greatly in this recession, but if you have it within your soul, just spare a thought for those who actually will. God, there are some confessions need making. Y recuerde – A cada cerdo le llega su San Martín.