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Well I feel that most regular forum members already know my views regarding Scunthorpe keepers, as far as which of a poor choice should be our number one, I think that Watson just tilts my opinion.

Watson is poor with dealing with ground shots, and does not control his goal area enough, but is in my opinion quicker to react when saving shots, except does not deal with low shots very well, but is slightly better cutting out crosses.

Whereas Howards positional play is very poor, he is rooted to his goal line at all times and too many of our defensive problems are because he never deals with crosses, and if the defender does not clear these, too many goals result from them. He is very slow in deciding to move to the ball, and his punching results in the ball going in any direction, he appears to have threepenny bit type knuckles. Howards kicking is not good, but after saying that, Watsons is the same, far too many kicks would be better suited to Wigan or Hull KR.

At the end of the day, all these problems associated with both keepers point to the goal keeping coach, who fails to try and correct a few of them. Makes me wander why Mussa has a spell before matches of pumping crosses into the certre of the goal area which are collected by the keepers coming out and catching the ball, but in games, this never happens, if we can see these problembs, WHY CANNOT MISSA ??????.

Agreed ^