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It was our money that we contributed to the EU that they give us back, and our unions that achieved most of our employment rights alot that are better terms than EU citizens have. If any of our governments decide to water any down than we have the power to vote them out and vote for the rights we want, in football alone the Bosman ruling has done us no favours.

A lot of renoaners will never understand that we are net contributors to the EU. In other words we pay more than we get back. The original Trades Union Movement was a damn sight more important to improving workers rights than the EU could ever be.

I’m still confident that leaving will prove to have been a great move, and that others will follow. The only thing that does worry me is that as more nations exit the EU, who are already talking about creating their own military, another war in Europe could become a possibility. It’s not as if we have no history of it…