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Gurn’s point about “EU players” should have read “Players within the EU”. Good to know somebody’s still reading this column after all the compliments flying around. But whatever happens re. Bosman, it’ll be totally irrelevant to the daily lives of 99.9% of Scunthorpians.

More relevant will be that, under the Tories, Brexit is likely to lead to more shortages, exploitation, unemployment, crumbling public services, longer waiting times for hospitals and GPs, more boarded-up shops, more failing businesses, and even more people leaving the area.

As usual, it will be ‘ordinary people’ who bear the brunt, as they get sicker, weaker and poorer, particularly in towns like Scunny.

Yet, the whole Brexit exercise has been based on soundbites, fantasies and downright lies. It’s been like an illegal advertising campaign for a non-existent product, which has left the ‘leavers’ in love with an idea or fantasy, rather than anything tangible which would improve their daily lives.

That’s why, when Brexiters are asked for their reasons, most say exactly what AWG and others have said on here, with ‘arguments’ which aren’t supported by the facts at all. That’s because it’s hard to deny the power of the charlatan who has gained your trust / confidence. Once he has gained that, he has control over you for many years, since to break free is to admit you’ve been had. It’s like with strong religion.

True, the argument for ‘remain’ wasn’t made effectively. It’s always harder to defend the status quo. You could tell everyone about the advantages of membership, but if others can show that the UK pays in more than it gets back, even just £100, and circulate a lie about an immigrant accordion player getting benefits to repair to his bellows, it makes for shocking headlines in the populist sections of the media, the twitter trolls are mobilized to punch down even harder on their keyboards, while the Greek chorus on here pipes up with renewed vigour.

So, in the end, we should blame the liars for their deceit and cunning, not the lied to. Show some compassion for the conned, and all that. It’s Xmas after all.