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‘Our’ money which the EU gives us back? It’s pretty good value really.

What are you planning to do with the £100 you’ll save AWG? A new car maybe?

You think British unions are somehow better than those abroad? Where did you read that? Evidence???

Since the 1980s there’s been a steady decline in unions power here, with the loss of big industries and their unions – iron, coal, steel, shipbuilding and so on, and a hostile government. Now, most workers are employed in service industries where the unions are much less powerful. But, the decline hasn’t been so marked in other EU countries, where many unions remain strong and influential at protecting workers’ rights, e.g. France.

Vote ‘em out if you’re not happy? This is a silly line which is often used as an argument for Brexit but has no foundation in reality. Look, if you don’t want to work 50 hours per week for 40 hours pay, or you’ve been unfairly dismissed because you refuse to work on Christmas Day, you might not be able to wait for an election.

Johnson knows the UK is about to become a basket case economy, and wants to retain the right to let employers do whatever they like to be able to compete with EU countries. That would likely include the ‘right’ to pay workers even less than now, as well as make it easier to sack people.

As for Bosman, the ability or lack of it for EU players to transfer to and from SUFC is pretty irrelevant compared to the likely consequences for other sectors of the country, economy and society. It’s like saying, “Well you might be dying of cancer, but at least that spot on your nose will heal up.”