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IITB, you were one of a number of posters who say it should be “All Lives Matter”. I’ll explain why it isn’t.

As in a previous post I’ll refer back to the Suffragette Movement of the early 20th C. Their slogan was “Votes for Women”. It was not “Votes for All”.

Two reasons for this. 1. It was highlighting one particular demographic, the one that was suffering injustice. 2. Men already had the vote. It was about raising the rights of one group so that it was on an equal footing with the others.

We have had 300-400 years of “Only White Lives Matter” or to put it another way “Black Lives Don’t Matter”.

Many white people think that everything is now hunky-dory in our modern, enlightened age, but incidents home and abroad prove that it isn’t. That is why we need to show solidarity.