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To many on here don’t say what they think,

I think you’re right AWG.

But, most are not to blame for thinking what they think about the EU, immigration and BLM. The people they were brought up to trust and doff their caps at – magistrates, local politicians, people who are apparently friendly and decent on social media, people who talk posh in pin stripe suits… have repeatedly manipulated and lied to them.

There’s also been a very sophisticated campaign on both social and mass media, to make people believe all kinds of nonsense, nonsense which is damaging to the majority of people in Britain. If the Mail is their only source of info, it’s no wonder some care so much about bendy bananas or scotch eggs, while a vile disease rips almost unchecked through the UK.

Truth is that with the EU, no deal existed which was better than the one we already had, while with ‘the knee’ we see the proles squabbling about it amongst themselves, alleging Marxism and anti-capitalism on the part of BLM.

“We’re creating the perfect conditions for conspiracy theories to breed. When people don’t understand complicated explanations, something superficial, simple – and downright wrong – becomes appealing to many. And there’s no way to fight it.”

Now, can anyone guess who said that?