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Alcy, the Gilmour case is almost 10 years old. Also, he may have had previous convictions which accounted for his apparently harsh sentencing (tho’ he only served 4 months). We just don’t know, as Heathys says.

Nor does this example illustrate any general trend – as 50p says. If I look out the window and see it’s freezing cold, this does not refute global warming. You have to look at the overall trend in temperatures over time. Or, say my old man smoked all his life and it never did him any harm – this doesn’t mean smoking isn’t bad for you – again you have to look at the evidence and look at the overall trend. Or say SUFC win a match and put in a good performance – it doesn’t mean we are promotion material.

So Alcy, it’s a silly comparison, the sort of thing typically found in racist forums everywhere, which gets repeated and only serves to confuse. I think you know this and it’s unbecoming of you when others express their sympathy for your own misfortune in recent times.