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Seems to me if you criticize those who make anti-racist gestures – as with taking the knee – you are defending the status quo.

Although you might argue ‘there are better ways to do this’ and explain why you don’t like it at football, by shouting your disapproval you’re criticizing those who take a stand against racism, and for that, people will call you racist.

Course, hardly anyone admits to being a racist, and accusations often end with infantile comments about why making racist remarks isn’t really racist at all, often done with a barely concealed smirk – a racist hallmark.

But look, instead of squabbling amongst ourselves it’s time we recognized there are huge injustices and inequalities in society which urgently need addressing, whether racial, gender, social or environmental, and instead of criticizing those who try to make life fairer for those at the bottom, we should direct our anger towards those at the top.