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It is similar to the PRIDE events and marches, I have no room for men marrying men or things like that, but have nothing against them doing their thing in either privacy, or as in Hull where they advertise their parades, so anyone like myself can just stay away and let them get on with their beleives, this way we are all happy and it is not being rammed down our throat by taking place in front of people that do not attend. Does anyone actually think that it has any effect what so ever, and if so, how??

What ARE you on about? If people should express their love in private, what does that make weddings?

How can somehing be rammed down the throats of people who do not attend?

I would be more happy with it if the heading was “ALL LIVES MATTER”

That is literally the point of BLM. They are saying “all lives matter, including black ones which currently don’t seem to count in the eyes of the law and wider society”. That’s the only point that’s being made: “we want equal treatment”. What’s wrong with that?