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Where do you getthis “Cox deserves credit for us winning a couple of games from” we have been crying out for him to play his best team, play them in their best positions, and give up those stupid systems of his and play 4-4-2. So after his record of one win in 13 matches and eight defeats on the bounce, he desedves lpts of ctedit?????????, he had taken us into bottom of the League only a couple of weeks ago, and out of all three Cup competitions, I think you need to think before coming out with thisstatement. I n all fairness he is very fortunate not to have been bladdered with that record. I hope that I am wrong guys, but after just a cpo[le of keeping the same team and system, I do not beleive rgat he can resist applying some new method of his, lets just wait and see, two good wins, but we have got to keep it up. I would have thpught that with having two games per week, management will surely have eased up a bit on training schedules on order of keeping players fit and free of training injuries.

He deserves credit for being able to realise errors and change, which hasn’t been the case for the previous managers, who have often been as stubborn as mules.

Of course he has made mistakes and deserved criticism for it, and I made some critical comments at the time, but at the moment it seems like he’s learned some lessons. It gives some reason to be positive for the future.

This is his first managerial role, mistakes were always likely, so I am willing to be forgiving if he can turn it round. Recent performances have shown that he might be able to.