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There’s been many things to blame….players injured, no experience e.t.c

Tonight though was purely Cox’s fault…changed the formation, to a formation which didn’t work last time.

According the Cox he changed because Bolton have a lot of the ball at the back so wanted our front 3 to go up against their back 3.

The one big problem is, is that if your playing a formation which severely isolates your striker and the ball keeps coming back, what advantage are you gaining ?

Any manager with any ounce of tactical nous would have seen the problem, especially early in the second half and changed it…plain as day a goal was coming.

I was screaming 4/3/1/2 to match their 3 in midfield and at least offer some kind of threat with 2 strikers upfront and 1 in behind to get on the ball but nothing really happened.

Even when he made changes they didn’t really add up.

Going by this evidence, it’s crystal clear Cox’s isn’t/wont be good enough.

Eisa is pissing me off as well….does he not realise that if he keeps coming inside and getting no joy that it’s best to try a different approach ?

Somebody needs to read him the riot act and drum it into his head to actually attack on the outside of his man.

If he can’t alter his game to compensate the changes needed, I’d be tempted to move him on…get some money for him and get somebody in who actually does both.

Eisa seemingly has 1 way of playing, as he’s easily shackled now.

I do however look at Hippolyte and wonder if we’re even capable of spotting a good winger.

All the progress we made as well and Cox goes and does that.