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I can tell you that, for me, the single largest reason why state schools get poorer results is that the independent sector is considerably less tolerant of failure.

We’ll have to have a chat about that sometime, but probably in the New Year as it will take me until then to stop fuming over this stupid, ignorant comment!

Anyhow moving on. I always shouted when I was playing. I still do in a Sunday evening game of 5-a-side.

The secret is to be positive. As well as reading the game and bellowing out instructions (you have to bellow to be heard) you can gee-up a player by shouting something like “Come on Tony, you’re better than that” or praise them with the likes off “Great defending guys, absolutely brilliant. Same again!”

I remember watching Paul Hayes playing at Carlisle for Wycombe. He was constantly talking to the other players, particularly the young lads, encouraging them and giving praise when it was earned. This is what we are missing at present.

With no crowds in stadiums it should be easier to spot who is doing this when watching on ifollow. Have a listen on Saturday.