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I think we should have reached that point where KVV should start and see how long he can last. It may be 90 minutes.
If that can happen, surely it is a question of whether we ought to be playing McAtee or Olomola alongside him.
I do not see Loft as being as poor as some make out – he may improve beyond measure working inside a settled and meaningful structure. We have seen too many lone centre forwards fail ‘playing one up top’.
Hallam has to fit somewhere into the thinking and planning even if he does not necessarily oust McAtee or Olomola.
Spence is a decent enough defensive CM and at the moment, just pips Beestin who I reckon may well eventually be the better player.

It matters not which way I view it – I just cannot get past that giant hole in the middle waiting for an intelligent midfield general.
A true leader there – doesn’t even need to be a brilliant player – will transform this current shambles.
If we lose at Oldham, whatever the individual errors themselves turn out to be – the odds are that they would not have happened with a proper organiser bawling his lungs out, reading the game and playing drill sergeant.