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Gillead Greene McAtee Spence

McAtee as a CM will be a liability..either play him in the no 10 role or not at all.

I’d go


Butroid Onaraise Bedeau Rowe
Gillead Beestin Taylor Green
Kvv Olomola

When either of the strikers are cream crackered bring Hallam/McAtee on and stick either of them behind Jarvis or Loft.

I do have a feeling however that Cox will bottle it and stick 1 upfront and play Hallam or McAtee in behind.

Oldham are poor themselves so personally I’d go with Olomola and Kev, should give them plenty of problems.

What’s happened to McGahey…he’s been fit a while now hasn’t he ?

Hardly ideal playing any player who isn’t match fit but a half fit McGahey is still better than a fully fit Bedeau.