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Surely if they were yes men we would have seen attacking football,


only a fool would think Swanny tells the manager you must play boring football with one up front

Of course; but if you have to utilise the players Swanny has sourced and they are either injured or not up to the job then that’s what happens.

If your CMF are defensively minded or the type who prefers to play a safe backwards or sideways ball, then strikers have to come deep. If your defenders are inexperienced or bullied by a big CF then the MF drop even deeper. If the keeper is inexperienced and prone to error – well you get the idea! If you can’t get out of your own half things are going to get boring. Then when your best players are wingers but you bring then inside to compensate for the lack of creativity in CMF and have to use square pegs in round holes as makeshift wing-backs then it is a huge, huge gamble.

Sure the head coach is ultimately responsible for this but if the assembled squad is inexperienced and unbalanced (which it is) some blame has to be levelled at the people who brought them to the club in the first place.

A lot has been posted on the spine of the team and the fact that instead of signing four crap strikers we could have had one or two decent ones. All valid points and all about the make up of the squad.

All we’ve done is recruit from non-league and at the moment that looks like where we’re headed.