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Agree with all the match fitness comments and it’s maybe a blessing we got Covid in the squad fairly early in the season. I believe all clubs will get it in their squads and face a period of isolation this season and it will effect the players fitness and disrupt any earlier work they put in before and during the early part of the season. Quite ironic we got shut down with Covid just as it appeared we were improving performance wise at Exeter and we now need another short period, say a fortnight, to try and get players back up to fitness and the management team to get their heads around which players and system we can crack on with. Yes Cox is finding his feet but we knew that would happen before a ball was kicked this season, he needs time he needs fit players to pick from and he needs the senior injured and unfit players to come back when available and perform at a level they are more than capable of in this division to give him and these young lads a chance to turn things round. I can’t see the season finishing the way things are going with this bloody virus, so we had better buckle down and accept the fact that things for our club and football in general are going to be bloody difficult for a long time to come. UP THE IRON.