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If we sign an experienced GK, RB and CM with McGahey due back, we’ll be alright. Van Veen to come in later on as well.

We need those experienced heads for the spine desperately. If Clarke wasn’t a perma crock we wouldn’t need a RB but some bright spark signed him back up and made him captain.

Good Ole Swannster.

I was surprised with the quality of experienced players without clubs when I looked last night.

Anthony Wordsworth 31yrs old, plenty of games under his belt..surprised he was without a club. A RB who played at league one level last season who’s available and those GK’s.

Only question is if the budget is taken up with Swann’s scatter gun approach in going for quantity over quality.

I know people may say “oh, well if they were any good, they wouldn’t be without clubs” but with the cap now put on clubs they simply have reduced budgets and at our level have to pad their squads out with youngsters so a lot of these experienced players just find themselves with a club.

You could very well be right but signing an experienced RB until end of the season wouldn’t carry that much risk providing we can stump up his wage.

Swann needs to go deep in his pocket and pay Dales contract up, we have enough wingers and he’s not getting game time. May as well move him on and get a few free agents in, in his place.