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I’m of the same opinion. Swann’s made even more of a balls up. Swann’s probably thought “o, Crewe can play well with youngsters, we’ll go down that route.

What he failed to factor in, is the fact Crewe have the coaching infrastructure and have been taking that approach for decades.

Swannster again has involved himself in the footballing side of things when he’s got no fucking idea what he’s doing. What chairman in their right mind buys the players in “all kids”..appoints a club captain and then signs a rookie manager to babysit ?

The guy is a walking disaster. What made me laugh was, cox said Swann was trying up until deadline day to sign experienced players but couldn’t afford the outlay. This is why chairmen shouldn’t get involved in anything other than signing off on deals when they have absolutely no clue about the football side of things.

When they do, crap like this happens. It appears he’s realised his little plan of going with kids hasn’t worked even this early on.

This is why chairman should sign a manager and let them do their job. Honestly, he’ll never learn. Swann’s meddling will be the death of us.

Now we have to hope we sign some good experienced pro’s to see they can save us.

Fingers crossed we stay up this season and then Swann can move on. I suppose he’s had a good crack at it but he’s the one who’s responsible for this shambles. Enough’s enough now, he needs to move on…he’s killing the club.