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, has to be behind Loft, McAtee, KVV, Turan and probably Hallam

Van Veen is currently injured, so unless he’s going to be played while wrapped up with duct tape, he’s not currently in the mix.

The way Cox was talking around pre season time, Olomola was one player who really impressed him. I wouldn’t be at all surprised he’ll get a chance once fully fit.

Turan looked good in that one game but he’s still an unknown quantity. Hallam is a really good player but it’s whether he stays fit or not.

I like Hallam but I’d still much rather have 2 proper strikers up there. McAtee didn’t do himself any favours with that crap performance v’s Man City U23’s…he and colclough we’re rumoured to be 2 of the players who got a proper dressing down from Cox after the game.

There is also a chance McAtee may still move on. I think this is his final year of his contract so we may look to make a bit of money…and in the current climate, that’s not beyond the realms of possibility.

I doubt Olomola will be behind Jarvis, he’s only being played because been there to use and going by what Cox said the other week, he see’s Green more of a wide player.

Last week he was on the radio talking about wide players and listed Green in with them, so I don’t think he even see’s him as a striker.

Olomola has scored before at this level as well. I’d stick him up there with Loft when fit, old style little and large partnership. One to brutalise CB’s and the other to run in behind.

If Hallam stay’s fit though I expect him to do really well, we’ve always knows he’s had the talent….it’s just his inability to stay fit.