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Don’t know weather it is the same Luton fan,that WG knows,there can’t be that many in scunny,but when I spoke to my Luton fan mate,he really rates Jarvis,says not really given s chance,big awkward,and 2 good feet,just saying.

I was told something similar to what you have been told. Biglefttoe is going primarily on his stats, which i admit hardly set the world alight but he’s supposed to have good ability.

I know Luton Fans thought he was a good enough player but because they had the options they had at the time, he just didn’t get enough chances.

Fingers crossed he fits in the squad/team and is hungry for another chance in the football league. He’s supposed to be a mobile targetman who’s technically pretty good…from what I was told he’s got the ability to play this level and has some quality but according to the Luton fan I was talking to just needs a fair chance to prove his worth and bed himself down.

I wouldn’t be automatically have him pencilled in as an u23 player from the off. If has the ability he’s supposed to have and feels settled here with games under his belt, you just never know…may be a dark horse.

As said above though, even if he scores say 7-10 goals and creates space for Van Veen, I’d be happy with that.